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Hi, I am an artist who loves making home made toys and accessories for children .me copy3

From a very early age I have loved reading illustrated books and have spent innumerous hours dreaming, writing and drawing the enchanting worlds and magical creatures which I have read about. Therefore as I grew older I studied cartoon animation, book illustration and graphic arts so as to be able to get closer to the magic.

During those years of studies I experimented with many different materials. This enabled me to discover that being able to not only draw but also create with my hands anything I had put my mind to, was fascinating and fulfilling. So while I was working as a graphic designer I continued taking classes for creating dolls, puppets, sewing and crochet and still do because the world of craft is unlimited and I love learning new things.

For all the things I have made I have always been inspired by my daughter who is full of ideas and mischief and from my loving husband whose sense of humor creates stories and characters in my head.

For all of my items I have made the patterns by myself so everything is unique and special.

You can ask for a custom order and also all of my items can be  personalized for children’s gift or for their room.

All proposals and orders are welcomed. So join me in my world of magic and tell me what you think.

Many thanks for checking on my site

Kallia Chrysocheraki

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