Christmas tree garland

christmas tree garland christmas tree garland2 christmas tree garland3








This Christmas tree garland I made out of cotton in various colors. The size of each tree it’s 15x11cm and the garland contains seven trees. They are all stuffed with synthetic wool.
You can decorate them either in the living room or in the nursery.
It’s a beautiful present which you can hold all around the year.

pins roller2 pins roller5










These small pins are hand-painted sowing girls on skates. On the front they are painted on a beige cotton fabric and on the back they have green or red fabric with dots. They are stuffed with synthetic wool and a pin is sewed on the back.

Those pins were made for my daughters birthday party as a gift to all of her girl friends.
There are four different sketches of girls on the pins I used which I repeat.

Their size differs concerning the sketch. Most of them are 6.5 x 6cm and some of them are 6.5 x 5cm.

Little monsters

monsters4 monsters5









These little monsters were original made for gifts for the boys of a party. They are made out of cotton with small dots. They are stuffed with synthetic wool.

– The blue monsters size is 7.5 x 7cm.
– The green ones is 8 x 8cm.
– The red ones is 6 x 8cm.
– The brown ones is 10 x 5.5cm.

I used felt and a button for their eyes, and embroidery yarn for the mouth.
They can be made in a bigger scale and as a custom order.
Except from birthday presents they can also be made for a baptism.

These monsters are made for children above four years old as they have small components.

Animal purses







New cute animal purses for boys and girls! They are made out of cotton and have a zipper in the back. You can use them for putting money, headphones, cards or anything you would like to take with you without getting lost. Their size is 15x15cm.

Little dogs

dogs dogs2 dogs5





These cute little dogs were made as the previous hug bears for presents for a party. They are made out for cotton and have felt details which have been sewed by hand. You can hang them everywhere as they are light and soft. Their dimensions are 10x12cm.

Hug bears

bear bear3 bear4







These three hug bears are made with cotton fabric in light colors as pink, beige, checkered blue, brown and green. They are stuffed with synthetic wool and have been sewed on a sewing machine except from the details on the nose, cheeks and flower.
They are made for children under the age of three as they don’t have buttons or ribbons.

They can be made as a custom order in every color that you would like and for boys.

Introducing Fay and Fox

How sun princess became Fay and Fox

Once upon a time there was a princess that was called Sun princess. Even though that wasn’t her real name everybody called her that because of her bright strawberry hair. She was the loving child of her parents (the king and Queen) and she was joyful with a loving heart. Even though the princess had everything anyone could ask for she felt her heart empty and sad. It wasn’t the nice things or the elegant clothes or even the celebrations and the jewels that she wanted and craved for. It was the exploration over her country that she was dreaming of, meeting new people and living adventures as the ones in her books. Unfortunately her parents were overprotective of her and they didn’t even let her learn how to ride a horse further more let her go on an exploration. She was their only child and they would make sure nothing bad would happen to her. As a sequence of that the princess many times felt like suffocating in the castle and as time passed by she felt even sadder.

One day as she was looking out of her window she saw a fox chasing a rabbit. The princess was enchanted by the color of the fox, by her grace and at the same time of how funny she looked. She started calling her while running towards the castle door. She wanted to see and if able to talk to the fox. Unfortunately by the time she was out in the open the fox was nowhere to be seen. The princess was sleeping and wakening with the thought of the fox and waited by her window many days for the fox to reappear. But a whole week past by and there was no sight of the beautiful animal. The princess got disappointed. She walk by the lake watching the ducks bathing thinking of what to do in order to see the fox again. Suddenly the fox came and sat beside her.

– You came!!!! The princess shouted at the fox.

– I heard you were calling me. Who are you?

– Oh Fox I have wanted so much to talk to you!!! I am Sun princess the daughter of King and Queen.

– Don’t you have a smaller name? This one is definitely too big to remember!

– Actually my real name is Fay but everybody calls me Sun princess because of the color of my hair. But Fox tell me!!! Where have you been, have you gone beyond the forest? I am so envy of your freedom. Please tell me what is out there!!!

– If you’re envy of my freedom and my stories then why don’t you come with me to see for yourself?

– Can I? Do you think we are going to have an adventure?

– I am sure of it! Come let’s begin.

-Yes let’s begin!!!


Little mermaid

ragmermaiddoll ragmermaiddoll3 ragpurpledoll










I have made this little mermaid doll with red yarn for the hair and a long green tale. It has synthetic wool for the filling and her name is Little pretty mermaid. Her size is 45cm x 15cm.

She has a secret and this is that her tale can be removed so the little mermaid can wear a dress which shows on the last photo. They are also included all the felt animals and plants that are shown on the photos.

This small mermaid likes to play hide and seek with her friend Mr. Octopus.


Jenny and Tonia

brownpurplepigtalesdoll brownredpigtalesdoll1

These two girls are Jenny and Tonia. They are best friends and they both like hanging out and eating ice-cream!

They are made out of fabric, felt for the cheeks, synthetic wool for the filling and cotton for the body and clothes. Their size is 35cm x 15cm.


Little red riding hood

dollredriding hood dollredriding hood3 dollredriding hood4

I have made this handmade rag stuffed doll out of red and beige fabric with synthetic wool for the filling and yellow yarn for her hair. Her name is little red riding hood as we all know and her size is 45cm x 15cm. She likes going cherry pie to her grandma but she isn’t always careful and many times she meets the bad bad wolf!!